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image of mithra The Liège-based company, active in the biotechnologies sector



The Liège-based company, active in the biotechnologies sector, announced on 31 August 2016 that it had signed a major partnership agreement with the Japanese company Fuji Pharma for the supply of its ‘Estelle’ product.

Mithra signed an exclusive 20-year licence and a supply agreement for the contraceptive pill ‘Estelle’ with Fuji Pharma, the Japanese leader for women’s health and the contraception and dysmenorrhoea market. The total value of this agreement will represent a sum of between €250 and €600 million.

François Fornieri, CEO of Mithra Pharmaceuticals, is delighted: “This agreement confirms our strategy and our wish to create a partnership with the world leaders in the field of women’s health around the world. Japan is one of our priority ‘peripheral’ markets outside of our main markets in the EU and the United States. We are confident that it will pave the way for many more similar partnerships in similar peripheral territories in the first instance, and later, in our target territories. It is this strategy that should be of the greatest value for our shareholders.”

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