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Focus on Belgium 2018 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

2018 May ‘s Newsletter, we focus on:

  • BELGIAN SCIENTISTS MAKE GREAT PROGRESS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER: For the first time ever, researchers from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) have discovered very specific differences between various groups of cancer cells. Read more
  • BELGIUM’S HIDDEN TREASURES: Covering an area of 30,528 km², our country has more to offer than one might think. Belgium boasts some wonderful nature, caves, cycle routes and walking trails, historic sites, mines, and much more besides. Have you already discovered these hidden treasures? Read more
  • DIANE VON FÜRSTENBERG IS AN HONORARY CITIZEN OF BRUSSELS: Brussels has appointed Diane von Fürstenberg as an honorary citizen of the city. The Belgian-American fashion designer has helped put the European capital city on the map through her world-famous clothing designs. The city would like to express its thanks for this. Read more

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