Members of the BLCC took a Cultural Trip to the Boyne Valley on the 27th June 2017.

The very educational and interesting trip started with a visit to the Boyne Valley Group for a much appreciated big spread of teas, coffees, brown bread and freshly made scones. Malachy McCloskey very kindly gave a book to each of the children who attended and the gift of a hamper filled with Boyne Valley products was won by our member Carole Cromer. After the fun and excitement we then had a very informative tour of Boyne Valley’s PAPERLESS warehouse.  It was fascinating to see the fork-lifts removing and stacking pallets of goods all instructed to the drivers by a computer! Following a delicious and satisfying lunch at the Monsterboice Inn we all headed to Bru na Boinne.  After a short bus trip we arrived at the Newgrange site where a very pleasant guide informed us of the history and importance of the site.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest  most important prehistoric megalithic sites in Europe.  Dating from the Neolithic or New Stone Age the passage tombs are about 5000 years old. Malachy very kindly treated us all to coffee and ice-creams to end a most informative and enjoyable Cultural Trip to the Boyne Valley.