Indaver Environmentals

Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable and cost-efficient Total Waste Management solutions to large scale industry and public authorities. For each type of waste we offer a tailored solution thanks to our 25 years of expertise and our wide range of inhouse facilities and processing possibilities with third parties.  Through improved recycling and maximum recovery of energy and valuable components from waste, Indaver intends to keep leading the field in sustainable waste management.

Over the years Indaver has become an international player in Europe, with facilities and operations in Belgium, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The Indaver Group manages around 5 million tonnes of waste per annum and achieves a turnover of more than EUR 500 million with about 1,700 employees.

Mission: partner in a circular economy

Our ambition is to contribute to the circular economy by spreading our internationally recognised performance in sustainable waste management throughout Europe. Our mission is to assist companies to retain and further improve their sustainable performance, by supporting and continuously improving their waste management, which entails minimum impact for society and maximum  recovery of energy and materials. This is realised by being a reliable partner and assuming a role as a ‘driver’ in a complex and ever changing waste management environment. This is why we strive to keep leading the field in sustainable waste management.

Core values: a guideline for sustainable operational management

Indaver is a value-driven company. Our values clearly define what we stand for and they are the yardstick for everything that we do. Our company code defines how we view our core values as guidelines for our daily operations.

We demonstrate concern for people, safety and the environment. Our long-lasting relationship with our stakeholders translates into building relationships based on mutual trust. We are transparent in communication and actions. We concentrate on achieving results and are cost-efficient. We focus on continuous improvement.

Indaver uses the best technology available to minimise the impact on man and the environment and to recover as much materials and energy as possible. We monitor the safety of our employees and the environment. We operate in a transparent manner and abide strictly by the law.


Strategy: total service

Indaver frees industrial companies (Industrial Waste Services) and public authorities (Municipal Solid Waste) from the task of managing and treating their waste. We base this on two strategic service concepts that provide qualitative, sustainable and cost-efficient total solutions customised for industrial companies and public authorities.

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