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Focus on Belgium January 2020 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

Our December 2020 Newsletter focuses on:

TURNING USED FRYING OIL INTO FUEL…65,000 tonnes are collected annually from 70,000 chip shops, restaurants, hospital kitchens, fast food chains and crisp factories across the Benelux, France and Germany by Quatra from Lokeren, in the Belgian province of East Flanders, where it is turned into biodiesel for cars. Read more

LINEDOCK WINS TWO AWARDS AT THE CES…The Belgian company Linedock has made a name for itself at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the leading trade show dedicated to technological innovation for electronics. It won two awards at this year’s edition for its products in the “Mac Tech” category. Read more

A MORE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR SLEEPING SICKNESS…Overlooked by the pharmaceutical industry on account of the limited profitability of possible treatments, Belgian researchers have successfully developed a more effective cure for sleeping sickness. Read more

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