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Focus on Belgium April 2018 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

2018 April ‘s Newsletter, we focus on:

  • 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ATOMIUM: 2018 is a year of celebrations for the Atomium. One of Brussels’ most iconic attractions is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary. As part of the festivities, visitors can take in the three-part exhibit Galaxy 58. The programme of festivities also includes the launch of a comic strip, a music festival, a vintage market and an old-timer parade. Read more
  • EXPEDITION HEADS TO BROWN BANK WITH BELGIAN RESEARCH SHIP: Scientists from the universities of Ghent, and Bradford in England, and from the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) have set off for the southern North Sea. Sailing on the research ship Belgica, the scientists will be searching for traces of a prehistoric settlement. Read more
  • FLEMISH NATURE PHOTOGRAPHER WINS 2 INTERNATIONAL PRIZES: Ann Coppens managed to win not one but two leading photography prizes in a single day. She claimed one of these awards for the second consecutive year. An amazing performance. Read more

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