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Focus on Belgium 2018 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

2018 March ‘s Newsletter, we focus on:

  • BELGICA120 EXPEDITION SET OFF TO ANTARCTICA: On 21 February, a group of Belgian and French scientists set off to Antarctica. The aim of the Belgica120 expedition is to draw up an inventory of biodiversity in the Southern Ocean. The team will also study the extent of the damage caused by plastic in the water. Read more
  • THE WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE FACE OF BELGIUM: The fact that our country is what it is today is thanks in part to its heroines. Nine of these women made a contribution by becoming real pioneers in their own fields. This list is far from exhaustive and does not contain all the women worthy of inclusion. Read more
  • BART DE STROOPER WINS A PRIZE FOR RESEARCH INTO ALZHEIMER’S: The Belgian scientist Bart De Strooper is among the four winners of the Brain Prize. Each year the Danish Lundbeck Foundation awards this prize to people that have delivered a major contribution to brain research. Read more

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