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1st April 2019

Focus on Belgium 2019 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

Focus on Belgium March 2019 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

INGRID DAUBECHIES, WINNER OF THE L’ORÉAL-UNESCO FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE AWARDOn 14 March 2019, mathematician and physicist Ingrid Daubechies received the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award. This exceptional scientist is also involved in the fight for equal opportunities. Read more

BELGIAN HEALTHCARE IN THE EUROPEAN TOP 5: In 2005, the Swedish think tank Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP) set up the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI). This compares and examines the national health systems in 35 countries based on 50 indicators, ranging from patient rights through to access and prevention. Read more

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