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Focus on Belgium 2018 – People, Stories, Facts & Figures

2018 June ‘s Newsletter, we focus on:

  • BELGIUM INVOLVED IN A NEW MISSION TO MARS: Last month, the American space agency NASA launched the InSight probe to Mars. One of its aims is to observe seismic activity on the red planet. The Royal Observatory of Belgium will be involved in analysing the data emitted by radio signals. Read more
  • LAUNCH OF THE FIRST COMMERCIAL FLIGHT BY AIR BELGIUM: On 6 June, Air Belgium launched its first commercial flight from Charleroi to Hong Kong. The long-term goal of this brand new Belgian airline is to carry 500,000 passengers between Belgium and China, potentially resulting in the creation of 600 jobs. Read more 
  • BELGIAN FILM WINS AT THE 2018 CANNES FESTIVAL: Twenty-seven years after the success of “Toto the Hero”, the film “Girl”, by the Belgian director Lukas Dhont, won the prestigious Caméra d’Or during the closing ceremony of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Read more

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