Breakfast presentation

The BLCC had a very informative and interesting visit to the IBM Technology Campus in Mulhuddart on Wednesday 13th June. We were greeted by the efficient and friendly Magda Sambor before been introduced to Vincent McKey while indulging in delicious fresh pastries and a variety of hot and cold drinks. Vincent showed us an overall presentation of IBM from its origin to the amazing campus it has now become. This was most enlightening and also included a presentation on Watson which added another dimension to the research and impact that IBM has on our health and daily lives. The competent and well-organized Carmel Somers brought us through IBM’s Diversity and CSR programme which is very encouraging and ensures that employees and communities both locally and globally benefit from a very generous and supportive commitment from IBM. Finally Peter Bottelier showed us around their state-of-the-art Digital Sales Centre. It was fascinating to see the new building with all the up to the minute facilities and the presentation by Peter was another example of the dedication and hard work of everyone in IBM who strive to make it the success it is today. The BLCC would also like to thank Kim Boone and John Egan is helping to organise this very special and memorable visit to IBM.