A message of realism, hope and optimism

Let us begin this first BLCCA newsletter of the year by wishing you a healthy 2021, a year of hope and optimism.

2020 was a year to quickly forget. You had to cancel many of your events and constantly shift gears to see how best you could support your members. But you made it happen!

You discovered that online tools could actually bridge the gap with members that were physically out of reach. You started organising joint events with other bilateral chambers to offer inspiring workshops to your members. You surveyed your members on their needs and expectations to serve them better. In short, you showed your resilience in the face of a crisis that cut very deep.

I wish I could say that we have left it all behind, but we know that 2021 won’t be a walk in the park. Physical events will not all of sudden take place, retention of existing members and recruitment of new members will be on top of our agenda.

But if we learned one thing from this pandemic, it is that people are social beings. We crave physical contacts, we need to work together to advance. This is all the more true for entrepreneurs who cannot work in isolation.

That’s why I am confident that the role of chambers to bring people together remains essential. In 2021 as much as in the past. And we are sure you are up to this challenge

Action plan to boost the BLCCA

40.000 euro per year. This is the amount that the Federation will invest additionally in the coming years in the bilateral chamber network. The goal of this action plan is to strengthen the capabilities of the chambers, to increase the collaboration with the local chambers and to expand the network.

The linchpin for this action plan will be Brigitte Verkinderen, director of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona. Brigitte will be entrusted with the task of implementing the action plan, but it can only succeed if it is going to be a collaborative effort. Your input is therefore crucial!

High visibility for BLCCA at FIT Exportbeurs (9-11 Feb.)

The FIT Exporbeurs will take place online on February 9-11. Or should we say the BLCCA Exportbeurs?

With 9 bilateral chambers at the exhibitor floor, we are well represented to showcase to Belgian exporters what bilateral chambers have to offer, thereby complementing the services of the regional trade attachés.

Visit the participating Chambers

BLCCA Workshop on UN Sustainable Development Goals (3 March)

Flemish and Walloon chambers have developed a certification initiative for companies working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What are the SDGs and the UN Agenda 2030? What can companies do to help realize the SDGs? And is there a role for bilateral chambers too?

Learn more about it during our SDG workshop on March 3, together with CIFAL Flanders, a UN affiliated training centre with whom we have a long-standing partnership.

Learn more about Cifal and the SDGs

In a nutshell

  • Don’t forget the deadline of 15/02 to submit your request for the 2021 subsidies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AWEX and hub.brussels. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.
  • Did you think chocolates are Belgian’s top export product? Think again! The correct answer is cars. Just like it is for Luxembourg and 10 other European countries. Find the top export product for your country on the website of Markets Insider and get an insight in the world of international trade.


9-11/02  – BLCCA stand at FIT Exportbeurs

3/03 – Workshop on the UN SDGs

6/05 – BLCCA Steering committee

18/06 – General Assembly Belgian Chambers

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